Blazer Unity API

While most of the Blazer functionality is implemented within the Blazer Base API the Blazer Unity API provides functionality more idiomatic of Unity.

General Pattern of Use

The important operations of the Blazer Unity API are implemented as Yieldable classes. The classes listed below are intended to be used by Unity co-routines. As such the typical pattern follows construction of a class, passing in relevent arguments to the constructor then yielding the object instance within a Unity co-routine and then a yield. After yield any expected results should be available on properties of the yielded instance.

BlazerClient client = new BlazerClient('<ACCOUNT_ID>', '<APPLICATION_KEY>');

IEnumerator MyUnityCoroutine() {
   var request = new ListBucketsRequest(client);
   yield return request;
   var buckets = request.Buckets;
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